Workmans Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? Is your employer refusing to compensate you for your injury? At Caddas, Forsgren & Lee, Attorneys at Law, we will fight to get the money you deserve to compensate you for your on-the-job injury. In many or most cases, you may be entitled to: medical expenses, travel costs, in addition to temporary or even permanent disability. Call us for your free consultation. We will fight to get your medical and personal costs covered, and get you back on the job quickly. 

The Workers’ Compensation systems are laws that were designed to help employees injured. The goal of Workers’ Compensation is to enable an injured employee to focus on getting necessary medical treatment and coping financially while missing days, weeks or months of work due to the injuries sustained. Disputes arise over treatment, providers and the ability to return to the job many times. The Law office of Jacob R Caddas will work hard to ensure your best interests are being cared for.

Transportation accidents, falls, violent acts, contact with equipment, exposure to harmful substances, fire and explosions comprise some of the work-related incidents that can cause death and injury, providing a cause for Workers’ Compensation attorneys to step in. The Caddas, Forsgren & Lee, Attorneys at Law will help you litigate your case and succeed so you can focus on your health and getting better.